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what noisy cats are we, girl and dog(s)...

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accordian, aerial dance, alligators, ambergris, ancient dirty bluejeans, angela carter, attars and unguents, autumn, bags of tricks, ballet, bells and chimes, belly dancing, bird shadows, bonfire orbits, both/and thinking, bruises, butoh, canines of all sorts, change, chimerical indulgences, circusiana, coen brothers, collective nouns, colorado, concertinas, cooking for you, corporeal arts, creative videography, curry, datura trumpets, dreams of travel, drone, evangeline and anabel, fairy tales, feral children, fetid and ferny, fox wedding weather, foxes, functional physicality, gardenias, goats, harness flight, infp, iron & wine, kohl, kombucha, lemons, liminal fireflies, lovely dogs, marionettes, maya deren, maze-y greenhouses, mint tea, momentum and movement, mountain music, murder ballads, mythology, mythosucker, names of plants, nataraja, never-evers, night air, night beaches, ocean and moon, ocean harp, ornate keys, peeking down alleyways, pleaching, queen of hungary water, redolent waxy blossoms, remedios varo, rosewater, rust, seeing alligators, sha sha higby, spooky banjo folk music, starry starry starry, stones, story people, swans, teacher as student, tellings and retellings, the bloody chamber, the scent of stone, the voynich manuscript, tom waits, train moan, trains and coyotes, tricksters, tristan da cunha, turkish coffee, uncommon anatomies, unstudied grace, vali and her dingo, vassilisa the brave, whiskey pixies, white ink, wide skies, yoga
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